Subtle violence

We are violent to ourselves and others every day. But not only we are so used to it that we don’t even see it as violence, but we have also been made to believe that this is the way life is, that there is no other way.

I am interested in the subtlest forms of violence: the pushing ourselves to achieve; the “should/have to” ways of thinking; the stopping ourselves from reaching out for connection or support… I believe many of us do these, and many others, on a daily basis. I am interested in those subtle violent expressions because, if we want to stop the violence in the world, I believe the journey starts within, in our relationship with ourselves and the people around us; and starting small is easier.

There is a different way of going about in life. It is possible to change those automatic patterns into compassionate and resourceful ways of relating to ourselves and others. Learning and teaching those is my biggest passion.

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