Hello, I am Maira.
I am passionate about relationships, especially the close ones:
You know? Romantic partners, children, parents, workmates, friends…
and, of course, the relationship with ourselves. They bring us the biggest joy and the greatest challenges.
I am also passionate about what, in Complex Systems Theory, can be described as
the trans-contextual research of living systems.
More poetically, I see this as a mysterious space that we can tap into
when we hold loosely our understanding of ourselves and the world
and connect to each other from “under” those understandings.
Relationships seem to become something truly magic there.

If you are keen to connect deeply with yourself
and use this as a map to guide you in your connections with others,
you might find something of value here.

  1. Relationship skills workshops and trainings.

Practical explorations of the day-to-day issues that participants bring into the space. They are a synthesis of my trainings in Nonviolent Communication, Hakomi (somatic psychology), Aware Parenting, Internal Family Systems and my own work with personal teachers and mentors.

2. Relational Meditation practice.

A space to learn and practice the nuances of parts work with somatic awareness, the unconscious, and bringing this understanding to daily interactions. The result is often increased connection, intimacy, compassion and love.

3. Tailored support.

The breadth of my work adjusted to your particular needs or those of your group or organisation. From listening skills to parenting challenges, complex relational issues, abusive relationships, group dynamics and much more.

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