Hello, I am Maira.
I am passionate about relationships, especially the close ones:
You know? Romantic partners, children, parents, workmates, friends…
and, of course, the relationship with ourselves.
They bring us the biggest joy and the greatest challenges.

I am here to help you understand relationships better,
to increase qualities like
ease, clarity, peace, stability, empowerment, love, compassion,
patience, joy, intimacy, connection, warmth
and so much more!

I am especially interested in connecting with our body when relating.
Awareness about parts was my first big step down from the mental (what I call “the above world”)
towards more mindfulness and somatic awareness (what I call “the Underworld”),
as I disidentified with those parts.
And sensation-based presence was my big second step down,
as the mind is almost absent is a space of deep connection with the body.
From this journey stem my three main offerings:

  1. Relationship skills workshops and trainings.

Practical explorations of the day-to-day issues that participants bring into the space. They are a synthesis of my trainings in Nonviolent Communication, Hakomi (somatic psychology), Aware Parenting, Internal Family Systems and my personal work with teachers and mentors.

2. Relational Mediation practice.

A space to learn and practice the nuances of connecting parts work with somatic awareness, the unconscious, and bringing this understanding to daily interactions to increase connection, intimacy, compassion and love.

3. Energetic Tantra.

A practice of somatic tracking of the genitals where all dynamics of life express themselves energetically and can be held and supported without the involvement of the mind.

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