Relational Meditation

This powerful way of relating to ourselves, others and life
creates a bridge between our spiritual practices and our often busy day-to-day,
bringing a sense of space, groundedness and connection to all areas of life.

Relational Meditation is a mindful way of relating that can help us respond rather than react, bringing deep understanding to ourselves and others, a profound sense of intimacy, enough safety to reveal what is unconscious and exquisite support to sensitive nervous systems.

I offer workshops, tasters and practice groups on this way of relating in which you lean:

  • The basics of Relational Meditation
  • Blockages and how to deal with them
  • Applications and benefits of the practice

As well as having a go at it and feeling the benefits for yourself!

You would benefit from this practice if any of these statements apply:
– You are sometimes or often overwhelmed when relating in big groups of people.
– You would like deepen your close relationships.
– You feel like you would benefit from a slower pace in relating but don’t know how to bring that about.
– You are interested in understanding relationships at a deeper level, including what is usually unconscious.
– You have a meditation or spiritual practice but find it hard to bring the qualities of your practice into your day-to-day relating with others.
– You have done one of my Relational Skills Workshops and want to take what you learned deeper.

There are three possibilities in relationship with this practice:

  1. Workshops. The workshops are the main entry point for everyone who wants to give this a go. They have more of a teaching flavour, in which I present a series of ideas, offer a demo and a Q&A session so you can decide if this is for you or not.
  2. Tasters. The tasters are for people who have done a workshop and are keen to have a real taste of this practice. In the Tasters we jump straight into practicing Relational Meditation so participants can experience for themselves what it is all about.
  3. Practice groups. The practice groups are for those who have done a taster and want to meet in order to do Relational Meditation on a regular basis.

What other people have said about this:

“I found the relational meditation sessions I had with Maira to be profoundly transformational in many ways. Firstly, the safe space which Maira creates in which to connect deeply with emotions was a most welcome experience. Then, within this safe space there was the opportunity to dive deep into the emotional patterns and content, and in doing so not only develop familiarity but also the opportunity for profound healing. Overall, I found the sessions to be deeply nourishing, transformational and valuable.” David, chiropractor.

“Practicing Relational Meditation with Maira has helped me learn to be more present in this moment, more aware of my experience, and more able to accept what arises within me with patience, curiosity, and compassion. It has also helped me to carry this awareness into dialogue with another.  As I result, I feel not only more heard, but also, more able to hear.” Marc, trauma counsellor.

“Relational meditation is like a bridge between the deep states of connectedness and inner awareness I often feel in meditation, and my daily life; a way to more deeply integrate my practice into my daily activities and connections with others and allow it to permeate them.  

It has also up the possibility of a deeper way of relating, from a place which is much more mindful, present and authentic. I’m very grateful to have been introduced to it.” Caroline, finance manager.

If you would like to do a Relational Meditation Workshop, check my fb page for upcoming events

If you have any questions you can reach out through Messenger or email connect (at) mairajorba (dot) com