About me

I studied Social Work at uni. I remember the psychology class in which I first heard of the concept of internal parts, in a class of Transactional Analysis. I have been hooked into the search for understanding relationships since. The search led me to many challenging and beautiful places, among them living for seven years in the spiritual ecovillage of Findhorn, running groups on intimacy or sexually abused women, or training as Strategic Intervention Life Coach.

As a mother, I came across Aware Parenting, which provided the missing link between what I already knew about inner growth and healing, and what my children were bringing up inside of me; eventually I became an Aware Parenting Instructor. As the children reached adolescence, the challenges around connection and power took me to Nonviolent Communication.

Then came a strong emphasis on embodiment, taking the Hakomi (somatic psychology) training and doing tantric energy work. These three threads have always been in my life, but lately they have gelled in a whole new way, deeply affecting my work. 

It’s hard to enumerate all the ingredients that have built my practice and influenced me as, being passionate about a subject, every small bit of information in that subject that I have come across has become part of the cooking pot! So I call myself an Aware Relating Coach, and basically you would need to have a taste of the soup I dish out to see if you like it! 

Formal training

Hakomi Professional Training, somatic based psychotherapy, from March 2022 and ongoing
Aware Parenting Instructor Mentoring Course, Marion Rose online course, March to December 2015
Strategic Intervention Life Coach, Robbins-Madanes Training Centre, May 2011 to March 2015
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, University of Barcelona, 1993 to 1996
Workshop Assistant Training, Human Awareness Institute, 27 and 28 July 2004
Open Assistant Training, Human Awareness Institute, 26 June 2005
Group Discovery Games Training, Findhorn Foundation, 3 March 2003

Personal life passionate learning:

  • Work with Ester and Steve from Sacred Lovemaking Unveiled around energetic Tantra
  • Internal Family Systems from Richard Schwartz
  • The work of Alfie Kohn around changing the current education models
  • The work of Marshall Rosenberg in Nonviolent Communication
  • Focusing, Somatic Experiencing
  • 5 Rhythms, Biodanza and Authentic Movement and tai chi
  • Several Tantra workshops with the School of Awakening
  • Family constellations and the energy-healing work of Barbara Brennan
  • ‘Love, Sex and Intimacy’ workshops with the Human Awareness Institute
  • Learning daily about community dynamics while living in the renowned Findhorn community for seven years, among them ‘The forum’, used as a powerful conflict resolution tool for groups
  • Transactional Analysis, The Work of Byron Katie and The journey by Brandon Bays