About me

I have ached to speak up but found myself paralysed by fear. I have yearned to be heard but asserted myself in ways that were too harsh. I have been a good girl by giving up on my needs to meet those of others. I have sought connection but lost myself in it. I have achieved goals but pushed myself, not honouring all of my needs while doing so. In the tension between those polarities lies my passion.

My quest in finding a resolution between opposing forces has led me far and wide. It started with studying Social Work at university between 1993 and 1996, then travelling and living in the famous spiritual ecovillage of Findhorn for seven years. Whilst there, my interest in and understanding of human relationships, communication, emotional intelligence, intimacy, community dynamics, somatic awareness and healing steadily grew.

On the relationship and communication side, I became familiar with Voice Dialogue, Nonviolent Communication and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Of course, this heavily overlaps with the community dynamics area, in which I learned about a powerful method for group conflict resolution called ‘The forum’ used by the German community of ZEGG. I also trained as a Group Discovery Games leader in March 2003 and, parallel to that, over the years I run two of groups, a support group for sexually abused women a group on intimacy.

On the healing side, I learned about tools like the energy-healing work of Barbara Brennan, ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie, family constellations and ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays. I was also influenced by teachings like those of Caroline Myss and Hawaiian shamanism. My somatic awareness curiosity led me to Five Rhythms, Biodanza and Contact Improvisation, as well as being influenced by what I learned on healing. On the intimacy arena I did 4 couple’s Tantra workshops with The School of Awakening, and several ‘Love, Sex and Intimacy’ workshops with an organisation called the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), in which I also trained as a workshop assistant in July 2004.

In 2006, and 2007 again, I became a mother, and my learning took a quantum leap in depth, affecting every area of growth mentioned above and then some. And in 2009 we moved to Australia as a family; something huge shifted on that move, as with motherhood.

My journey has carried on in this beautiful country Down Under. On the somatic side, I have become familiar with Authentic Movement, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi and tai chi, all of which have informed and transformed my understanding of myself and the universe. On the interpersonal relationship side, I trained as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach with Robbins-Madanes Training Centre, from May 2011 to March 2015, and as an Aware Parenting Instructor with Marion Rose from March to December 2015.

This intense journey has taken me to experience the place I so yearned to find,
a place where all parts are heard to the point where they can work together;
here the battle stops, the struggle is no more, the contradiction ceases, the fight ends.
This is the space of true empowerment and flow with Life;
it is a place of peace, joy and unconditional love.
Finding that place, inhabiting that place and getting to know it deeply is my life purpose.
And helping you in your journey towards it is my chosen vocation.
If that idea calls you, I would love you to join me.