Tailored support

Are you confused with your inner complexity when relating to others?
Are you part of a group or community experiencing relational challenges?
Does your company or organisation want to deepen their relational skills?
Is your family emmeshed in painful, repetitive loops?
Could you do with a practice, workshop or coaching system
tailored to your circumstances?

Create with me the perfect way of using my experience to support you! I love finding different ways of offering what has served me and, in the process, helping you find your own compass that can help you navigate all relational issues.

This is for professional enterprises, volunteer organisations, communities, families, friend groups, couples or any other group of people interested in exploring their internal dynamics. This is also for individuals who are curious and eager to understand their inner world and find compassionate ways of holding all parts, including the darkest ones.

It is hard to tell how people might benefit from that. What I know from my own experience is that it has brought me:

  • Clarity and understanding around difficult dynamics that kept repeating and, from that, inspiration about how to change those painful loops.
  • More compassion, love and acceptance towards myself and others.
  • A deeper sense of connection and intimacy with myself and those around me, especially in close relationships.
  • An increased ability to set clear, nonviolent boundaries.
  • A sense of peace and deep trust in the wisdom of the relational field.
  • An increasing capacity to sense into what is unconscious.

How it works.
I run individual support sessions in person or online based on Complex Systems Theory which gives them an unusual quality of non-linear, subtle tuning into the places under what is apparent. This means that we co-create the support that is most beneficial to you from a place in which “the expert” is not me or you, but the relational field between us.

I use the same principles to design support for whatever group comes to me with a desire to understand the dynamics that might be affecting their relationships.

Reach out for a free conversation about what that might look like for you.