Energetic tantra

I’ve learned a fascinating practice with Ester Zazzaro and Steve Hayter. It’s a very refined tracking of sensation in the genital area. There are several amazing facts that come with this practice.

  • The genitals are a map that reflects the whole of the body, so this practice is like energetic reflexology. As we notice and are present with what is there, it affects different areas of the body, like a warm soothing balm.
  • When inhabiting that area of our body and staying with pure sensation, it is particularly easy to filter out the involvement of the mind. There is a deeper wisdom that emerges, beyond our limited thinking capacity.
  • This area is the powerhouse of the body. Whether you want to call it Kundalini or Hara or whatever, the down to Earth somatic experience is that there is a quiet grounding into something that is unshakeable. Still and solid, it seems to permeate all areas of life, offering a stability that nothing else does.

When doing this practice, I find myself engaged like I only have in Tantric meditations. Every other type of meditation feels to me exasperatingly boring; I have never been able to empty my mind and stay empty. I can imagine David Deida saying with a smile that of course it doesn’t serve, as the feminine wants to be full. This practice brings the masculine aspect of observing presence to the feminine aspect of life movement in the form of sensation in the body. It feels like the most wholesome of meditations.

I have been told that this IS a Tantric meditation. It definitely has the sacredness and power, it just doesn’t move sexual energy, only life force and unconditional love. Only? This is a powerful, engaging practice that moves life force and unconditional love, gives a sense of unshakeable grounding and brings softening to all areas of the body. Can it get any better?

Yes, it can. By doing it with someone. This practice is twice as powerful when done in tandem. So I am offering it to females, single males, and couples, either online, in person and over the phone. If you want to try it, reach out.

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