‘Understanding power’ talk

This free one-hour talk is an introduction to the subject of power from a different perspective to the one we usually see it from. It draws from approaches like Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg and Aware Parenting by Aletha Solter, and aims at helping people understand how the way we have learned to use power creates most of the relationship problems, with others and ourselves, we face today. Offering a healthy and supportive alternative to the mainstream power option, it points toward solutions that tackle the very root of issues like violence, emotional repression, discipline challenges, disconnection in relationship, depression and low self-esteem among others.

‘Empowerment’ workshop

This is an in-depth four-hour workshop that questions most commonly held assumptions about power, sheds light on their devastating implications and offers alternatives that are both simple and radical. Based on approaches like Nonviolent Communication, Aware Parenting and Voice Dialogue, the workshop aims at helping participants getting an experience of all the areas of our lives affected by power dynamics like inner self-dialogue, intimate relationships, parenting, friendships, work relationships and our connection to the world. It also helps gaining an awareness of the negative consequences of our current power practices and describes practical alternatives that can improve every aspect of our relating.

The workshop goes over subjects like identifying power dynamics in their subtlest forms, the cycle of emotions, the healing process from a somatic psychology point of view, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, emotional self-awareness and self-care, emotional responsibility, extending our capacity for compassion, and a new understanding of anger, guilt, shame, depression, rewards, discipline and respect.

Offering practical self-reflection every step of the way, participants can expect to leave with a felt experience of every aspect of power and an understanding of how the alternatives can improve their daily lives.

Empowerment practice groups

Changing deeply engrained habits is not easy. It requires awareness, practice, commitment and support. This practice groups offer a space where participants can come to practice their empowerment skills in a safe and easier environment, so they feel better prepared to face their daily challenges. The groups also heighten the awareness on the issues of empowerment, refine the understanding of the practice and offer support to participants.

These groups meet on a regular basis, although participants can attend only occasionally, usually for about 1 hour to 1 ½ hours. They are either presential for those who live in the area (Tweed Shire, northern NSW) or online.