My mission is the end of violence in the world

More than the search for peace, which I see as a spiritual longing for stillness (and absolutely necessary in the journey as well!), my passion is about the nitty-gritty work of noticing how we perpetuate violence in our daily interactions within ourselves, in our connections with others and in our relationship with the world. Because once we remove the blockages, peace flourishes of its own accord; but if we try to enforce peace, we spend our life at war with what’s in the way.

And violence has an insidious way of propagating itself in every area and aspect of our lives. I have used every tool that has come my way to work on this: Transactional Analysis of language, Tantra, energy healing, tai-chi, somatic awareness, Aware Parenting, Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems, Nonviolent Communication… the list is almost endless. The world we live in is so persistent and pervasive in providing violent methods of relating, that every tool available can be an asset in the attempt to counterbalance that tendency.

In the end, though, they all seem to boil down to one thing: how we make peace among all the parts inside ourselves. How do we manage to be compassionate towards our shadow rather than judgemental, how we welcome the parts of ourselves we don’t like rather than wish them away, how we love the unlovable. Tricky, as we have internalised every violent method the world provided us with, starting with “should” and “have to”.

But it is possible (Cecile Carre illustrates that beautifully in the series of drawings above). As we do so, we find ourselves relating to others differently, more lovingly, compassionately, and relating to life in a more empowered and balanced way… in doing so, we change the world by changing ourselves. My mission is to support that change in individuals, families and groups, to fertilise the ground so that peace flourishes abundantly.

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