Energetic Tantra

Practice embodying the essence of the feminine and the masculine within.
Train your masculine to tune into the feminine to a level of sublime subtlety.
Learn to sense when they are in balance.
Tune into the field of love that this balance creates.
Ground deeper than ever into an unwavering self.

I share with individuals and couples a practice of tracking subtle physical sensations in the genital area which I learned with Ester Zazzaro and Steve Hayter. Without drawing from any particular lineage, Ester has created a system of tapping into the power and sacredness of energetic Tantra practices. This practice brings the masculine aspect of observing presence to the feminine aspect of life movement in the form of sensation in the body.

This is for women, single men and couples who have a strong attunement into their bodies and are interested in an practice that goes below mental concepts, ideas, and even feelings, into a unmapped world of somatic sensations and energy movements. This is not a sexual practice and it involves no touch but it is very powerful so, when men are in a sexual relationship with a woman (or for lesbian women), I offer the practice to the couple.

What you will gain:

  • As a man, you will learn to tune into the feminine in the most exquisite way, being able to “read” women in the way that they so long for and offering an unprecedented level of presence.
  • As a woman, you will learn to tune so accurately into life that your “gut” (or Yoni) feeling will seldom be off, giving you again and again a deep unwavering trust in a wisdom deeper than the mind.
  • Everyone, including individuals within a couple, will gain a new connection to both their masculine and feminine aspects, helping develop a strong relationship with what Marion Rose calls our “Inner Beloved”. This allows individuals to come to relationships from a place of wholeness rather than needing someone to complete them.
  • This is a practice of meeting all that is happening in our body, both tensions and expansions, and just BE with them, offering a warm gaze. To me, this is the definition of unconditional love.
  • The genitals are a like mirror that reflects the whole of the body, so this practice is like energetic reflexology. As we notice and are present with what is down below, it affects different areas of the body, unravelling old knots, bringing up incoherence and soothing like a warm balm.
  • When inhabiting that area of our body and staying with pure sensation, it is particularly easy to filter out the involvement of the mind. There is a deeper wisdom that emerges, beyond our limited thinking capacity.
  • This area is the powerhouse of the body. Whether you want to call it Kundalini or Hara or whatever, the down to Earth somatic experience is that there is a quiet grounding into something that is unshakeable. Still and solid, it seems to permeate all areas of life, offering a stability that nothing else does.

How it works.
This practice can be done through online or phone sessions as well as in person. Reach out for an initial chat if you are interested by either Messenger or emailing me at connect (at) mairajorba (dot) com. The effect of the practice is best felt when done regularly for a while so, if we decide to go ahead, I will ask for a weekly commitment for 3 months. We’ll make a time that suits us both and spend about an hour an a half in preparation, practice and debrief every session.