Helping you learn to set powerful boundaries from unconditional love
and achieve without pushing

The same power pattern fuels both boundaries set with harshness
and achievement gained by fighting outer obstacles & inner resistance.
I offer alternative systems based on a paradigm of listening to resistance, engaging the wisdom of all voices, and finding win-win solutions.
It’s a new worldview in which we solve problems at the very root,
offering you a non-violent way of relating to power, challenges, and life in general.

I offer a way to relate with your inner fears, resistance and saboteurs so that they come on board to support rather than block, giving you:

  • a feeling of ease and flow with life
  • multiplied energy to tackle your projects
  • an increased capacity to read the signs from the universe and feel guided
  • a sense of wholeness, personal integration, and growing self-love
  • bucketloads of joy!

If you tend to

  • Tackling certain projects with stress, struggle, and/or self-sabotage.
  • Negative self-talk or talking negatively to others like employees or children.
  • Pushing yourself to achieve.
  • Relating to others in either disempowering or overpowering ways (the second one often coming up in our relationship with children).
  • Use affirmations or other ways of self-help that end up proving ineffective in the long term helping you out of unresourceful habits.

This work could be life-changing!